Versatile shipping operator dedicated to the Africa trade

A real penthouse feeling about which we could only say ‘wow’ when we entered for the first time.

Create a workplace that shouldn’t look like an office at all. That is what Breadbox asked when we started to construct their new work environment. A fine challenge and nice to go looking with that fresh approach for what is really important in a workplace.

Breadbox specializes in the delivery of parcels to and from Western Africa. This Rotterdam-based company wanted to see this element expressed in the interior. Another thing that we could not ignore was Breadbox’s location. And fortunately so.

The company proudly resides on the upper floor of a building on Blaak in the centre of the city.

This ensures a wonderful 360-degree view, which will undoubtedly be food for conversation with anyone who visits here for the first time. A real penthouse feeling about which we could only say ‘wow’ when we entered for the first time.

(Incidence of) light therefore became an important issue in the design. Not too much white, but a dark ceiling which prevented an office feel. Light can either make or break your work plan. So it is important to find the right colour balance in a place where you have large windows all around.

The new work environment became a pleasant meeting place in which we incorporated various African elements such as forms, patterns, instruments, sculptures, much green and of course warm colours. The question to create a workplace that should not look like an office was of course easier asked than answered. For there was no escaping some office aspects, such as desks and computers. Still, a far from standard office environment was created from where every corner of Rotterdam and its surroundings could be seen in all its beauty.

Photographer: Chiela van Meerwijk

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