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What our customers say

Constructive thinking partners with expert knowledge and who can realise the best result for you and your company at reasonable prices. We at BK Warehousing B.V. are still very happy with the result.

- Sebastiaan Klaassen (BK Warehousing b.v.)

Reliable company: great service, before, during and also after the completion of the project. Sprank offers their input and professional advice, also when this differs from the client's ideas, to convince the client of a better concept. We’re very happy with the result, which is a great combination of a new and sleek design combined with various sustainable elements.

- Iwan Hellemons (Van Oordt the portion company)

As Facility Manager, I’ve been working with Sprank Interieurprojecten for some time now. They handled many projects for SBM Offschore, my former employer in Schiedam, where they did the reconfiguration of entire operational floors. Always with a perfect, practical and effective result. Over the past years, they have been taking on larger all-in projects that have led to equally great results so you can leave the execution of complete concepts to them without any hesitation.

- YNO Your Need Organized

We commissioned Sprank to handle the renovation of our office building. They took care of everything, from the design to the execution, and we're very happy with the result. We now have a beautiful and representative office where we are proud to receive clients and enjoy working in.

- Jacqueline Baks (HD Groep)

We thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Sprank; we started with nothing and the result is a splendid office where we really enjoy working. Short lines of communication and an experienced company that is not afraid to think out of the box.

- Erik Westerhof (Xtra Materieel)


Everything is about people

It’s all about people, we go to different places in nature to relax or exercise. In an office, we also choose the workspace that best suits a particular task. We look for the right relationship. With the impact of sustainability, ergonomics, the right acoustics and color always sharp on our retina. So that the people who work in an office landscape can flourish.


This is what we do

Find accommodation

We help your company to choose suitable accommodation based on hard facts and figures. We try to understand clearly what you want to achieve and what kind of look and feel suits you best. Based on that information we will piece together all the possibilities that are available.


This is what you can expect from us


Guidance from start to finish, and beyond

A refurbishment, renovation or completely new interior has quite a few implications. We won’t throw you in the deep end; we’ll be right by your side for the entire ride – and beyond. Unnecessary questions don’t exist. So feel free to ask them.


Scintillating ideas, insights and inspiration

We don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back, but we are getting better at what we do. That’s because we always want to learn. We want to stimulate, motivate, inspire, absorb everything, process and surprise. We are confident in what we do, but we still keep asking questions.


Concrete plans and clear agreements

We never say “yes” if we’re actually thinking “well, maybe”. With us, yes really means yes. We love to tackle things. To be able to do that, it is essential that we make concrete plans and clear agreements.


Environment that works better for everyone

What could be nicer than working in a place that you like? An environment that you are proud of. Where you go to whistling, where you move mountains of work and are still able to relax. Where meeting up flows naturally. An environment that works better for everyone.

‘We see an office landscape as a bustling landscape where all sorts of activities are going on. All landscapes are different and the same goes for office landscapes.”

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