Why good acoustics in offices matter

When you work, you want to be able to focus optimally. Sounds that reach you from other parts of the workspace can make it hard to concentrate on what you’re doing. When sound waves are not properly absorbed within a space, it can lead to noise nuisance caused by resonance, a higher noise level, or all kinds of background noises. Sounds can either be reflected via walls and ceilings or they can be absorbed and linger. That is why good acoustics are important to prevent noise nuisance.

But what are the main underlying reasons as to why good acoustics matter so much? There are several. Below, we list 6 reasons that explain why good acoustics have a positive effect within the workspace.

  • Less stress
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher concentration
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved atmosphere and enjoying the work more
  • A quieter space

โ€œBad acoustics can lead to higher absenteeismโ€

It is not easy to find a standard solution to an acoustics problem. Every office has a different size and shape and different materials are used. Below, you can find some standard tips that you can easily apply yourself.


The flooring material in the office space is hugely important. Always try to avoid concrete or wooden floors. When it comes to acoustics, carpeted floors are best as this dampens the noise. Do you have a concrete or wooden floor and you don’t want to carpet your entire space? Then you might consider adding a rug as this can already improve the acoustics enormously.

Use soft materials

Materials such as stone, concrete, tiles, and glass are hard and easily reflect sound waves. Soft materials like textiles and materials with much relief absorb sound waves. So if you are planning to change or replace something in your office, it is best to choose a soft material.

Acoustic screens and walls or material

Acoustic screens reduce noise nuisance and they are available in different types and sizes. You can place acoustic partition walls between workstations. This not only reduces noise nuisance but also gives more privacy. We also have moveable screens that allow you to fit out your office the way you want or need to. Another option is hanging acoustic material from ceilings or walls and we have ottomans, chairs, and lamps with acoustic properties.

Buy some plants

Did you know that having plants in the office not only reduces stress and clean the air but that they also have an acoustic function? Sound waves pass through the leaves instead of being reflected. Therefore, plants with large leaves are the best option and placing plants in clusters around the workspace enhances the effect.

Create different spaces

Sprank is a great advocate of office landscapes in which the spaces support the different types of work This not only improves the atmosphere and concentration but it also leads to better acoustics. It is important to create a space where people can quietly make a phone call or have a meeting without being overheard or disturbed. This doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your office space. You can add a phone booth within the existing space or create corners with acoustic walls.

Place equipment somewhere else

Make sure that noise-making equipment or machines are placed away from the workstations. Put printers, coffee machines, and servers in another room. And if you have just a single, large workspace, you may still be able to create a closed-off space where you can put all the noise-making machines.

We hope that you can use these tips to start improving the acoustics in your office space. And if you do encounter some issues or you need help, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can look at the different and feasible options to optimise the acoustics in your office.


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