The need for responsible cable management

When discussing a new or adjusted office interior, the cabling within the work environment is not always taken into consideration. But when the IT hardware is placed and users move into their new offices, the many cables can soon disturb the wonderful interior design. Apart from the fact that a cluttered workspace doesn’t look professional, it also leads to functional problems. People can trip or get caught up in the cables and this certainly doesn’t add to the functionality of the workspace.

Comatters is a specialist company when it comes to moving, dismantling, connecting, and cabling IT hardware and other workspace-related solutions. We believe that every user deserves the most efficient workspace to get the best out of themselves. This requires a work environment that supports the work instead of dictating it. Together with our partner Sprank, we make the workspace more efficient and functional so that users can just focus on their jobs.

Risk of tripping

There are various solutions, combined with expert execution of the project, to get rid of visible cables as much as possible. Our highly experienced technicians know how to prevent risky situations in offices. One of the main risks is tripping over loose cables. The furnishing and fitting out of workstations need to include cable ducts in the floor wherever people walk around. Such a cable duct ensures that people don’t trip and hurt themselves and damage the hardware.

Working Conditions Act

According to the Dutch Working Conditions Act, companies and organisations that provide 40 hours of onsite labour per week need to carry out a risk inventory & evaluation (RI&E). The RI&E is a checklist with the potential health risks for the employees. Employers are obliged to make an inventory of these risks and reduce and/or prevent them to the best of their ability. Comatters advises companies about the RI&E items relating to electricity supply and a healthy work environment. Many companies and organisations with offices are not yet fully aware of the risks that faulty connections and the infrastructure for cabling workspaces may entail. We come across potential fire hazards and tripping risks every single day. For example, did you know that a special connection device is used to safely link multiple workspaces?! This technical solution ensures a responsible office environment without hazardous “extension cord in extension cord” situations. That is why getting sound and specialist advice about the work method and the products that should be used is a must to create a safe work environment.

Cleaning of the workspace

Creating a healthy and safe workspace also includes the crucial aspect of cleaning. We want healthy staff to stay healthy and they should not have to deal with other people’s dirt and dust to do their jobs. One of the main stumbling blocks for cleaning workspaces is the cabling. After all, most cleaning companies are not authorised to touch the hardware so, logically, they will avoid that risk. Consequently, spaces with loose cables under, on, or around the workstations that are in the way cannot be cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Loss of data

Despite the many WiFi options that are available today, many companies still prefer hard-wired internet for their workstations. Hard-wired internet is more stable and ensures an uninterrupted internet connection. At the same time, hard-wiring has its challenges: how to integrate loose cables in the furniture?! Data cables are extremely sensitive and even the smallest fracture or damage can result in the loss of data. To prevent this, the cable must be long enough and you need the right material to ensure that the cables don’t bother the user. Such solutions can be found in cable binders, cable grips, and cable ducts underneath the worktop.

Apart from creating a safe and responsible work environment for everyone, Comatters’ key focal point is user-friendliness. Your employees should be focussing on their work and not on managing cables. The endless search for the right plug that must go into the socket or finding a workstation with the right connection for a laptop should be thing of the past. Comatters helps you improve your work environment.  If you want to know more about cable management and how Comatters can help you with that, then make sure to visit their website.