Van Rees Rotterdam

Passion for tea since 1819

In 1819 an enterprising young Dutchman, Jan van Rees, started a tea company in the Netherlands. Since then, Van Rees has been a market leader in tea with a worldwide network of 12 offices and with exclusive business representations in major producing countries.

Van Rees has found a new home in Rotterdam on the Blaak, a port that was drained in the sixteenth century and now belongs to the Rotterdam’s business centre.

RoosRos architects was responsible for the design of the office’s interior with beautiful elements, an open office design with various workspaces for meetings, consultations, brainstorming and concentration. The heart of the office is the tea room where all the tea is tested for taste and colour.

Soft green tones combined with a light wood type, light grey and white.

Main features of the interior are the soft green tones combined with a light wood type, light grey and white. The floor finish has provided a nice combination of cast floors, tile carpet and PVC strips. The glass system walls are extremely soundproof and ensure peace and serenity in the management rooms and prevent the transfer of confidential information.

A blend space has also been created in the office. An important requirement in realising this room was that no odours from this blend room should enter the tea room, this would have too much influence on the evaluation of the tea.

An office landscape has emerged where Van Rees Rotterdam can continue its long history and in which they can strengthen their position as market leader.

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