Tempel sinds 1963

Disruptors in optics.

Temple Optics is not a standard optician.

They are ‘disruptors’ in the optical world. They stand for craftsmanship and authenticity; however, the appearance and design of the store on the Hoogstraat in Schiedam no longer matched that unique profile. Sprank was asked to do something about it. And we did that. We started with a completely new idea that led to the design, renovation and complete restyling of the store.


A unique optical store that you don't just pass by. A place for the coolest glasses and watches, but also for good coffee and music that fits with it.

The renovation was particularly special; the characteristic historic building gradually revealed quite a few secrets. We installed new beams, applied fire-resistant layers, replaced frames and levelled all the floors. We did a lot of custom work and combined vintage furniture with modern LED lighting, and we provided several nice places to sit, along with a warm atmosphere. So, as a result, the Temple Optic team is now also at its best.

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