QuaWonen is a housing corporation that manages and develops housing in Krimpenerwaard and Krimpen aan den IJssel.

We worked with soft, natural colours reminiscent of the Krimpenerwaard area.

QuaWonen is the housing corporation for Krimpenerwaard and Krimpen aan den IJssel. Their striking Q-shaped building in Bergambacht was thoroughly renovated to allow more interaction in the office. Both among employees and with clients.

Such architecture has advantages and disadvantages. It is striking and special, but at the same time compelling. In its previous capacity, the building was divided into several work cubicles. Because of this layout, it could happen that certain employees hardly met, simply because of the walking direction in the building. If you happened to turn right after entering, you never actually met your colleague who always turned left. Even though meeting each other has become an increasingly important function of an office environment since the corona crisis.

So in the circular building, we removed all the walls to begin with.

We closed certain voids, creating much more available square metres. This created a working environment that was much more open than before. We cleverly positioned objects in certain places so that we could still break sightlines here and there.

We used soft, natural colours reminiscent of the Krimpenerwaard area. Incidentally, the wall photos in the building were taken by the employees themselves, which is another hook towards the central theme “connection”. Rather than ordering and printing stock photos online, using your own photos is something that ensures that, as an employee, you can be proud of the environment where you work.

Another very welcome addition in a building where meeting each other is key is the new work café. Previously, QuaWonen employees had to go out for lunch. QuaWonen works together with a foundation where people with disabilities provide lunch. That was a simple, effective and above all very nice addition: the work café is now the domain of these people, making it a warm, welcoming place.

Talking about welcoming: a crucial adaptation is the way guests are received. Previously, visitors entered at a classic reception desk. In the remodelled building, visitors are welcomed at a wooden cottage, which serves as a first eye-catcher. This new welcome provides a warm and welcoming start to every visit.

Photographer: Mark Brants