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People who enjoy going to work again. That's about the best result one can achieve.

People who enjoy going to work again. That’s about the best result one can achieve. The offices of Primaplan, a project planning company in Capelle aan den IJssel, needed some thorough updating. The keywords for this commission were ‘more light’ and ‘more openness’.

The request was not to impact the old situation too much, although this had become slightly outdated after many years of use. The staff members used to work in relatively closed-off cubicles in an office space that could do with a more modern and distinctive look and feel. We created the much-needed openness by designing a varied and beautiful office landscape with lots of glass. The new situation still includes several separate offices but they now have a much more open character.

We also added a ‘workspace café’, which has become a comfortable space to receive clients, and we added a meeting room that can also be used as a relaxation room.

The colour scheme is now industrial, sleek, and cool without overdoing it. Sometimes, contrast actually creates the perfect balance. The addition of lots of plants softens the industrial colours, thus creating a warm and healthy office landscape. The same elements are also implemented in the signing, like the different themes in which Primaplan literally shows its activities. The whole new concept has become a place to be proud of, and this clearly shows in the fact that the staff are now much happier to come to the office compared to before the refurbishment.

Photographer: Chiela van Meerwijk

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