Global specialist in dairy and food machinery

An environment that you know will last the company a long time.

The Lekkerkerker Group actually has two faces. The company makes machinery for the dairy industry, but also produces dairy products itself. When the different parts of the family business gathered under one roof, we were allowed to realise their new location in a pleasant collaboration with Verstoep bouwadvies en architectuur.

A company that has two different main disciplines, which often creates contrasts that we can then use in a design. At the same time, it is a challenge to combine everything into one coherent whole, with an overarching look. For instance, the Lekkerkerker Group makes machinery as well as cheese. And they operate internationally, as well as locally.

Tough and warm. This is the core of the design that does justice to Lekkerkerker's areas of expertise.

The company resides in an old warehouse that has been turned into an office space. In it, we have tried to create a homely feeling where employees really feel at home. That feeling suits a family business such as Lekkerkerker Group. An environment that you know will last the company a long time.

For the customers who come to Lopik from all corners of the world, we provided a few recognisable, typically Dutch elements. For example, you will find images of Kinderdijk, Utrecht and the Rijksmuseum in the building. It thus became a welcoming office landscape for employees and, at the same time, a nice calling card for all international visitors to the company.

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