Market leader in sustainable cultivation of crops

This project is a follow-up to a facility that Sprank provided for Koppert Biological Systems six years earlier.

This is a fascinating family-run business, based in Berkel en Roderijs, that creates biological solutions for crop protection. This company, which has existed for more than 50 years, is even a market leader in contributing to the sustainability of crop plants. The business activities of Koppert have developed substantially since the last project, six years ago. For the set-up of an additional extension, again the company turned to Sprank.

We seek solutions that are beneficial to the client.

We found that the six year old concept is still โ€˜solid as a rockโ€™. And that precisely matches our vision: we are looking for solutions that are beneficial to our clients, rather than feeling the need to be a trendsetter. For that reason, we applied the same philosophy in the new design. It has become a modern, yet not trendy design. For everyone who is employed at Koppert, this is recognisable, although some new working practices were added.

In the new development, we created two layers, as it were: the outer layer is the work zone. Within the inner layer, employees can have meetings, enjoy breaks, copy documents and also lockers are available there. We created a meeting room, a library and a large conference table. As such, we used a dead space to create many workspaces for this wonderful family-run business, that we are proud to serve.

Photographer: Chiela van Meerwijk

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