Leading manufacturer of performance and adjustable shock absorbers.

KONI is a leading manufacturer of performance and adjustable shock absorbers.

After the head office of this global-player in Oud Beijerland was no longer usable due to a fire, RoosRos Architects designed a new head office on the same location.

In association with
RoosRos Architects

KONI and RoosRos asked Sprank if we could provide furniture, upholstery and other materials that would match the fresh and light new building where about 500 people would work. We went in search of the right colours that would fit well with the high-tech look of the office. We ended up going with different shades of red.

So we came up with a streamlined, red meeting island where employees could, for example, hold brief discussions. We also created a waiting room that was like a hotel lobby. We opted for furniture with which you have a choice: you can either sit next to each other while waiting, or, if preferred, you could sit apart for a little while.

We have seen that all of the spaces and types of furniture are being used intensively; exactly what was intended.

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