Hoge Erasmus / Rotterdam

Typical residential tower with offices in the center of Rotterdam.

The Hoge Erasmus is a characteristic residential tower with offices, in the centre of Rotterdam, next to the Erasmus Bridge.

After the departure of a large tenant, Ooms estate agents asked Sprank how this commercial property of approximately 10,000 m2 could be made more attractive for new tenants. We did substantial research and came to the conclusion that substantial investments should be made in a new entrance.

The entrance had been no more than a place where you simply entered the building.

Previously, the entrance had been no more than a place where you simply entered the building. That could, and would, be done differently we thought. That is, if you really wanted to do something to make the building more attractive for the new tenants. The entrance had to become a place where the visitor, and also the employee, immediately felt welcome; where you would be welcomed by a hostess and drink a cup of coffee while you wait.

Fortunately, the client agreed with us. But it took a little persuasion. Which makes sense, because if you have to hand in 500 m2 of office space for the renovation, that’s quite an investment. But an investment that paid off quickly. Because after delivery, there were indeed a lot of new tenants who could now make use of an entrance that had allure. Also the other tenants of the building could have a short meeting there or, for example, work there between two appointments. There is a living room with plenty of different types of seats. And the new reception area honours the characteristic 93-meter high tower.

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