HD Group

A company that creates inspiring places where people like to live

HD is a specialist in Development, Architecture and Project Management. A company that creates inspiring places where people like to live, work and be. A client who works and thinks in line with what Sprank does.

Director/owner Robin Dijkgraaf asked us to translate their vision into an interior design that the HD employees could use.

Sprank not only designed the project, but also took care of the construction. We also supervised the entire project. A nice, challenging job. In the first place of course because HD itself knows exactly what is required to set up a good workplace. In addition, the temporary accommodation on another floor in the building was a nice test. Because of the temporary nature, but also because several other companies were already established there. In the end, two entire floors in the building were renovated.

At the office, we essentially applied various work forms. In this way we created an environment where people like to work and be together.

We came up with and created project floors and departments with exactly the right divisions. In it, people from HD can now work in teams, while the workplace has an open environment. You’ll also notice that the acoustics now contribute to a pleasant working environment. Having lunch is naturally fun together. And now there is a welcoming space to meet. In addition, we created meeting zones with different themes that match the focus areas of HD.