De Vries en Verburg

Building on character

“We are aware of our stewardship. sustainable and circular construction have become important parts of our working method, we already set a sustainable course ten years ago ”.

Says Timo Stuij, planning developer at De Vries en Verburg Bouw.

Responsible use of raw materials has been part of De Vries en Verburg’s DNA for quite some time now. During the renovation that recently took place, the office buildings were certified and De Vries en Verburg became a participant of DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council).

Another great challenge for the designers of Sprank; create a design that matches the ambition, apply products with a sustainable character.

Provide workplaces that facilitate employees at their ideal workplace. The desks must be large in size, in a corner arrangement and ergonomic, sitting and standing working is the norm. We have selected products and delivered test models and we opted for Dutch manufacture. We have had a good cooperation with Vepa for quite some time because of the joint sustainable vision and objectives. Reuse of materials, give new life to furniture, chairs made from recycled PET bottles and an active participant in Plastic Whale.

In addition to furniture, the choice to bring the room acoustics to a good level has been of enormous importance in the design. Of course the ceiling plays an important role in this, but creative solutions have also contributed to the improvement of the acoustics, ceiling islands in various zones of (recycled) carpet made with high acoustic absorption, walls covered with felt (from old PET bottles) desk screens filled with old recycled clothing from the construction workers of De Vries en Verburg.

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