CP Group

from worldwide logistics and distribution to the cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers

Colourful, but not too explosive, quiet enough for the intended use, light and timeless.

Worldwide logistics, cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers and the supply of high-quality cleaning products for washing chemical and product tanks. These various specialisms of CP Group offered some fine leads for their new office landscape in the Rotterdam port area.

Some change from time to time can do no harm. Indeed: a thorough revision can provide a fresh perspective that gives a lot of energy. This is also true for the CP Group.

Before we started working for them, this company was located in a traditional environment: much classic furniture in somewhat dark surroundings. It was a bit like entering a pub.

This could be much lighter, more transparent and welcoming, especially on such a wonderful, first-class location as where the CP Group building stands.

After all, the view of the Rotterdam port is phenomenal from this building. Everyone entering here will mention it immediately. We exploited this element in the new office landscape. The view is like a painting that changes continuously. In order to highlight this, we chose an interior that was not too crowded. After all, the outer environment is sufficient visual input.

In addition, we chose a colour combination of blue/rusty brown. Blue refers to the cleaning products that CP Group makes, while rusty brown is the colour that is reminiscent of shipping. Moreover, it is a combination that works wonderfully; simultaneously warm and fresh. Colourful, but not too explosive, quiet enough for the intended use, light and timeless.

Another great change was the new central core. We removed the existing core and installed a ship deck floor on that central place, all in the style of the outer environment. The lounge in this central core serves as a zone between the lunch space and the work zone. Lunching together was very important, CP Group indicated before we set to work. By keeping the walls of the new core transparent, the view was also given enough room from the environment where the emphasis is on meeting one another.

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