Besix Nederland

Expertise in complex utility construction

In complex non-residential construction, BESIX Nederland has developed expertise in the construction of offices, shopping centers and special high-rise residential towers.

To be prepared for the future, Sprank carried out various feasibility studies for Besix into existing office buildings in the Barendrecht area. These studies showed that there was no available location that met the requirements and wishes of Besix Nederland. For that reason, it was decided to build a new office, which is smart and sustainable, in Dordrecht.

The new office had to become a calling card in every respect where human health and well-being and sustainability in the fields of energy, water and waste flows are central.

In short, about well-being! This has resulted in an energy-neutral building with plenty of daylight through the glass facade and an atrium, with a lot of attention for the greenery. It is a building that generates its own energy, through solar panels and an internal battery, applications to work more efficiently. The end result is a building where energy consumption, partly due to excellent insulation, has been maximally optimized.

The Sprank design team has drawn up the overall interior design and work preparation for the completion of the new office for Besix. “Design and make” in the ultimate implementation. The central question for the Sprank team was; turn the large open office floor into workspaces where collaboration in teams is stimulated and goes without saying. The result ; variation in meeting rooms, consultation areas, workplaces for teams with sitting-standing tables, meeting places, focus and concentration rooms, lunch room and inviting reception room,