6 sustainable furniture brands

When (re)fitting an office, the purchase of new furniture and other supplies has by far the largest impact on the environment. This also includes your (office) furniture. Sprank deeply cares about sustainability. Luckily, we are not the only ones and our clients increasingly often ask us if we can provide them with sustainable office furniture. Still, we also notice that many companies are not (yet) aware of the many options to choose sustainable office furniture. Is your current office furniture sustainable? And can you only answer this question with a ‘no’? Then make sure to read and be inspired by this blog that showcases 6 sustainable furniture brands.


Planq, founded by twin brothers Anton and Dennis, creates sustainable furniture. They combine innovative materials such as textile waste and biodegradable binders to create designer furniture for a better future. By making high-quality products with low-value waste flows, Planq wants to reduce the amount of waste in the Netherlands, which is 139,000 tons per year. This perspective has led to the in-house development of PlanqTextile – a composite material made with recycled textiles like jeans and army clothing, but also with biodegradable materials such as flax and jute bags. PlanqTextile is a perfect fabric for making seats, tabletops, and as a veneer for circular cupboards and storage systems. The material doesn’t just make the furniture sustainable but all items are unique as well!


Vepa has become a highly sustainable manufacturer of office and project furniture. They are the only brand in this branch that manufactures all its products at their own production sites in the Netherlands. The production sites barely have any residual waste and apart from using their own waste, they also recycle waste from other manufacturers to create their products.

Vepa offers a product range with many unique items. One of their achievements is the launch of Hemp Fine, which they use to create a chair collection with seats made of recycled hemp and resin, resulting in fully organic, plant-based, and recyclable chairs. The Plastic Whale by Vepa collection is also one of a kind. The tabletop of this collection is finished with a layer of PET felt and PET foam that has been heated and pressed to give it a luxurious look and feel. The backrest of the chair and the frame are made of recycled material.


Interface is a globally operating flooring company that offers an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient floors such as the LVT and rubber Nora® flooring. The company want its operations to have a restorative impact on the environment and create a climate fit for life.

The CO2-negative carpet tiles certainly are the highlight of their product range. The production of these tiles requires more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits. Thanks to this innovation, Interface is getting ever closer to fulfilling its mission to be an entirely CO2-negative company by 2040.

De Vorm

The uniqueness of De Vorm lies in the fact that their creations are based on the process. As such, they try to get the most out of their materials, both literally and figuratively. This results in an efficient production process right from the start. It also saves a lot of material. Their collections include chairs, lamps, and acoustic panels made of recycled PET bottles, available in 11 different colours.


15 years ago, Arper, being one of the largest furniture manufacturers, established an “Environmental Department” within its own organisation. This led to the development of products that were all granted the required environmental certificates. Arper never fails to be “In Pursuit Of The Essential”, which shows in their furniture with a simple yet timeless design.

One of the great examples is the latest Adell collection. The comfortable seat consists for 80% of recycled polypropylene. The collection also includes four different frames that are interchangeable and, if necessary, easily replaceable. The Adell chairs are also available as an upholstered version. The upholstery is not glued to the seat to make sure that the fabric, foam and seat can be easily separated at the end of the lifespan of the chair.

Another and less obvious example is the Aston Club armchair. The inner PVC parts are all made of 100% recycled material. Even with this luxury armchair, none of the components are glued together to make sure they can be easily separated again, and all components are fully recyclable.


Casala specialises in the production of elegant project furniture items that excel in design and functionality. Their motto “Design linked to Functionality” is deeply rooted in their DNA and is always the guiding principle during the design process. They always work closely with leading designers.

Casala constantly tries to find new ways that will help themselves and their clients to realise stunning yet functional interiors with the least possible environmental impact. They also produce chairs and sofas with seats and backrests that are for 100% made of recycled plastic household waste. Furthermore, Casala offers a varied range of furniture items of their own and other brands that are given a new lease of life after they have been refurbished in one of our manufacturing sites. These pieces of furniture come with a quality warranty and can be delivered in the colour and finish customised to the client’s wishes.

Have we piqued your interest in making your office interior more sustainable? Then make sure to visit the websites of these great brands. Did you know that Sprank is a registered dealer of these brands and that we can supply their products? So don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss the many options.

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